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Frequently asked questions

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    What is Personal Training?


    Personal training is basically getting expert advice and support from a trainer to ensure that you are taking all the correct actions to achieve optimal health and fat loss. Your trainer will take a holistic approach to your fitness regime and will advise you on exercise, lifestyle changes and nutrition. They will also serve as an excellent motivator to ensure you are always progressing and moving forward with your health and wellness.
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    Why would anyone need a Personal Trainer?


    The clients we work with vary greatly in age, body shape and fitness levels. However what remains constant is the desire to change something about their health and fitness that they are currently not happy with. Often our clients have tried dieting and exercising with little results or simply do not know where to begin. Whilst other clients we work with have been exercising for a while without ever getting great returns for all their hard work.
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    Will a Personal Trainer work me really hard and do I need to be fit to survive the workouts?


    Your trainer will tailor your sessions to suit your current fitness levels so you do not need to be fit to get started. At Get Results we do not buy into the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy. Our philosophy is more train smart, listen to the body and ensure that you overload it enough so it has to adapt and change.
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    What will happen at my Consultation?


    At your initial consultation you will complete a health quastionarre with some other various assessments, we will help you develop a health and fitness plan that can be implemented into your life straight away. We will help you create an exciting vision for your health and fitness and develop a clear plan on how we will achieve this goal. At your consultation you will also tailor which training program best suits your life style and needs.
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    How quickly will I see results?


    How quickly you notice results is generally different from individual to individual. This can depend on how closely you have stuck to the program; you’re current fitness levels and what your goals are. However for the majority of our clients they report that they feel and see a marked difference in as little as 2-3 weeks from starting the program.
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    How many sessions per week should I do?


    For most clients we recommend that you do a minimum of 3 structured exercise sessions per week. You chose how many of these sessions each week will be with your trainer.
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    I'm very unfit at the moment, will I be able to cope with the exercises?


    Yes, each exercise in the workout has different levels of intensity, so you find the level you can cope with. Then you step up to the next level when this starts to get easy.
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    What are the benefits of regular exercise?


    Boost energy levels, control weight,improves mood, promotes better sleep, increase joint mobilty & muscle flexibilty, lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, lower risk of colon cancer, lower risk of breast cancer, lower risk of early death, lower risk of osteoarthritis, lower risk of hip fracture, lower risk of falls (among older adults), lower risk of depression, lower risk of dementia
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    How or when is best to start ?


    There is no time like the present so the sooner you make that commitment the sooner you will start seeing results. How do you start? by contacting us via phone, text or e-mail to discuss your requirements.
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